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Atelier C3 Design

Immersed in the captivating world of design, Matthieu Boulianne, founder of Atelier C3 Design, seamlessly blends technical precision with boundless creativity. As a privileged partner in the creation of a wallpaper collection, his love for textures and patterns materializes through subtle aesthetic choices and an endless source of inspiration. By sharing his expertise, he fosters a space conducive to innovation and collaboration, where every idea blossoms.

His contagious creativity and passion transform each project into an artistic adventure, inviting you to discover the very essence of his creations through this exclusive collection.

Atelier C3 Design
Plant Print Self-adhesive Wallpaper
8.50 $/ sq. ft.
  • White
  • Beige
  • Black
Atelier C3 Design
Pine Needles Self-adhesive Wallpaper
8.50 $/ sq. ft.
  • Green on cream
  • Green on pure white
  • Black on white-grey
  • Green on black
  • White on black
Atelier C3 Design
Mushrooms Self-adhesive Wallpaper
8.50 $/ sq. ft.
Atelier C3 Design
Woven Wicker Caning Self-adhesive Wallpaper
8.50 $/ sq. ft.
  • Pale
  • Pale on black background
  • Dark
Atelier C3 Design
Renaissance Self-adhesive Wallpaper
8.50 $/ sq. ft.

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