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The products in this section have slight defects. For details of each product, please refer to the description of each product. 

We choose to sell these products at a discount in order to avoid losses. Even if they are not perfect, these products can be used very well.
Printed Decor
S40 - Rosie Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$1,088.89$762.23
La nature de Chantal
S39 - Owl's Head and Whetstone Island Self-Adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$771.88$540.32
Régine Apollon
S38 - Diamond Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$1,115.56$780.89
Printed Decor
S37 - Guy Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$327.16$229.01
Annie Laroche
S36 - Massif Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Textured
Regular price$432.70$302.89
Fannie Bellemare-Larivière
S35 - Edward Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$546.51$382.56
Printed Decor
S34 - Antoni Inverted Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$175.79$123.05
Printed Decor
S33 - Romy Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$863.90$604.73
Hilary Jane
S32 - Giggle Water Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Smooth
Regular price$229.87$160.91
Régine Apollon
S31 - Bubble Self-adhesive Wallpaper - Greige
Regular price$371.85$260.30
Printed Decor
Sale - Téréza Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$67.61$50.71
Printed Decor
Sale - Nell Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$63.85$47.89
Printed Decor
Sale - Guy Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$67.61$50.71
Printed Decor
Sale - Matéo Chalkboard Wall Decal
Regular price$60.10$45.07
Haingo Natacha
Sale - Punka Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$63.85$51.08
Printed Decor
Sale - Mia Self-adhesive Wall Decal 
Regular price$90.15$67.61
Printed Decor
Sale - Milo Chalkboard Wall Decal
Regular price$45.07$33.80
Printed Decor
Sale - Enzo Chalkboard Wall Decal
Regular price$33.80$7.51
Printed Decor
Sale - Paul Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$120.20$90.15
Printed Decor
Sale - Ursula Self-adhesive Wall Decal
Regular price$56.34$42.26
Printed Decor
Sale - Arlo Chalkboard Wall Decal
Regular price$45.07$33.80

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