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Installation Guide - Kitchen Backsplashes

Required materials

Clean & dry cloth
Measuring tape
Application spatula (included)
Xacto style knife
Painters tape

Hand with a cleaning cloth wiping the wall.

1. Preparing the surface

The surface must be smooth, clean and dry. You can use a damp cloth to ensure no dust remains on the wall. Ensure that no residue is on the wall, such as drips of dry paint and be sure to well sand any imperfections as they may show through the vinyl.It is important to wait at least 2 weeks after the wall has been painted before installing your mural.

Backsplash panel on the countertop.

2. Preparing your installation
It is recommended to have two people for the installation.

The back of every panel is numbered and must be installed from left to right. Begin by placing the panel #1 to the left. When you are happy with the placement secure it with the painters tape. The second person can now hold the panel in place to ensure it does not move. Before moving on, you will now use your level to ensure the panel is straight.

Installation of the first backsplash panel on the wall.

3. Installing panel #1

Now your panel is taped to the wall and the second person is holding it to ensure it does not move. You will peel away 2” of the vinyl from the top of the panel and cut away the white paper. Apply the top of the mural to the wall. Roll your mural with the image side in so you can access the top of the backing paper. Gently pull down on the backing exposing the adhesive side of the mural. Using your spatula covered with a cloth, firmly apply the mural to the wall. If any bubbles appear, you can pierce them with a needle and push the air out with your fingers.

Installing second panel

4. Installing panel #2

Every other panel will overlap onto the previous panel by 0.5”. Install the next panel the same way as panel #1 making sure to respect the 0.5” of overlap and that the image on the second panel matches the image on the first.

Exacto knife cutting the excess backsplash.

5. Trimming the excess

Once all the panels are installed, you can cut away any excess vinyl with your exacto style knife.

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