Installation Guide - Electrostatic Films

Required materials

Microfibre cloth
Glass cleaner
1L water + 2 Tbsp dish soap

Electrostatic films can be peeled and applied directly onto glass.
For a better bond to the glass and less chance for air bubbles to form, follow these steps.

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Hand cleaning the window with a cloth.

1. Preparing the surface

It is important that the window be clean. It should be free of dust and residue. This includes the window frame and sill. You will get the best results by using a clean microfibre cloth and the glass cleaner. It is recommended to wait 2 weeks before installing your frost if the adjacent walls have been painted. The water could leave marks in fresh paint.

Electrostatic spraying sprayer.

2. Preparing your installation
It is recommended to have two people for the installation.

Peel off the electrostatic film from the backing paper. One person will hold the unrolled film by two corners and as far from the floor as possible. The second person will spray the surface with your mixture of water and dish soap. Now spray the window or glass. Don’t be shy. It is important that the surfaces be very wet. When both surfaces are wet you can apply your window vinyl.

Hand applying electrostatics to the window.

3. Installation

Apply the electrostatic film onto the glass. You should have enough water on the glass surface to be able to slide the film into place. Use a spatula (you can use a credit card wrapped in paper towel) to firmly press the water out from between the glass and the electrostatic film. Press from the middle and push the water out towards the side and the bottom. We recommend that you wet the surface of the film before beginning to remove the water so as not to scratch it.

Electrostatic film is temporary. You can take it off and reuse it on another surface. To preserve it properly, store the electrostatic film flat.

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