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How to measure properly

To ensure minimal waste and our environmental footprint, we have chosen to print to order. This means it’s really important to provide us with correct measurements. The good news is that taking measurements is easy !



Simply provide us with the following dimensions. The maximum width and the maximum height of the surface you wish to cover.

For walls, it is important to EXCLUDE mouldings and any slopes in the wall. INCLUDE doors and windows on the wall.

Diagram illustrating how to measure a wall for a mural or wallpaper.


Simply provide us with the following measurements: the maximum width and the maximum height of the surface you wish to cover.

We will take care of cutting your panels to the correct size to make your installation easier.

Diagram illustrating how to measure a backsplash.


Use a tape measure and be as accurate as possible by rounding up to the nearest inch.

It is important to add an extra 2 inches to both the width and the height to ensure easy installation and a flawless finish.

Any excess will be easily trimmed away after the product is fully installed.

Illustration of a wall with a measuring tape.


Enter your final measurements in the appropriate space on the product page you have selected.

A surplus of 2 inches will automatically be added to your measurements to ensure complete coverage.

If you do not wish for us to add the extra inches, simply check the box available. If you check the box, we will print the project according to the measurements you have indicated in the width and height box.

Illustration of the measurement form.

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